Canadian Internet Marketing Expert and Author Loves the Sight of Her Winning those CADs on Online Casinos

Olga Kiyan from Alberta, Canada, is an Author, SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert who recently completed writing her first book ever. The book is not related to the internet marketing, website designing or making money online, but rather it is about one of the scantiest leftover religions – Mandaeism. Olga named her book – ‘Mandaeans the Real Aryans’.

I read the book and it was literally one of the most interesting reads ever. In her book Olga claims that the Mandaeans used to circumcise their sons on 8th day after his birth but they stopped doing it as an act of rebellion against the Muslims after the Muslims killed many Mandaean men once in the Persian Province of Khuzistan and took away Mandaean women with force along with them.

Olga claims in her book that the Islamic Caliph – Harun aka Al Rashid wanted to kill all the Mandaeans but dared not after he saw some Mandaean scholars perform great magical acts; Acts that were as interesting as winning money with casino online.

Olga believes that Mandaeans are Aryans by race and Hitler knew this well and sent them an offer that he wanted to recruit them in his army but not a single Mandaean joined Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Army. She adds that Hitler was infuriated by it and wanted to take a revenge on them for this but couldn’t find the time to.

Olga doubts that the Mandaeans are the descendants of the Samson and Canaanite women but it is a pity that the Mandaeans themselves, the Canaanites, the Muslims or the Canaanites will never take this doubt of her even into consideration.

Frank King Charlemagne would bet all day long using Football Predictor 2 if he were born in the Internet era – Farida Bokhari

Farida Bokhari from Tehran, Iran is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of arguably the father of the Europe and one of the most infamous kings of the Franks – Charlemagne.

Farida claims in her book that it is false that Charlemagne was born before the Canonical marriage of his parents – Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon. Farida claims that Charlemagne was a twin brother of Carloman I and they both were born after their parents’ canonical marriage.

Farida claims that Charlemagne poisoned his twin brother – Carloman I in order to become the sole ruler of Franks.

Farida claims that Charlemagne wanted to turn entire global population into Roman Catholics but it is a shame that he couldn’t even remember the names of the countries that he wanted to turn into Roman Catholics.

Farida writes in her book that Carolingian Renaissance should be renamed to ‘Carolingian Destruction’ because that’s what it was in reality. She writes that it is wrongly attributed that the Carolingian era was an era of energetic cultural and intellectual activity, it was rather a period of violence, ruthless expansion and hatred.

Farida claims in her book that Charlemagne invited Jews to settle down in his kingdom, not because he felt for them and wanted to help them, but because he feared the Jewish brilliance and he didn’t want the Jews to be on Muslim’s side for that very reason.

Farida believes that Charlemagne was born in the city of Quierzy and it is a pity that he hated his own birthplace.

Farida claims that Charlemagne supposedly suffered with Manic-Depressive Disorder. The evidence Farida gives for this belief of hers is that Charlemagne took all the major decisions and actions during the winters and in the summers he was like non-existent. She claims that Charlemagne would spend all the time sleeping with his concubines and wives during the summers. She believes that he would rather spend all the summers betting on football betting websites using football predictor 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2-) if he were born during this era.

Internet Marketer from Chiang Mai believes Fun88 gambling needs to be in every language

Malika Buranakiatisak from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Designing expert who writes that a blog styled homepage is never appreciated by the search engines. She writes that’s the very reason all the old school SEO experts are against creating websites using WordPress because 99% of the WordPress websites have a blog page as the default homepage. She believes that fun888 is the perfect example of what she has been trying to convey. She also regularly bets on fun88.

Malika writes that a total of 300 characters in all the meta keywords combined is considered safe but going beyond that is not.

Malika writes that some so-called SEO experts have been spreading the rumor that filling up the Meta keyword portion of your website has more negatives than positives and it is best to refrain from filling it up. She writes that anybody giving you such information cannot be trusted and needs to be boycotted. She also suggests to tell your friends in the SEO industry to stay away from such people.

Malika writes that the meta keywords still matter but not as much as they once used to. She claims that once the greatest and now one of the major search engines – Yahoo! still considers Meta Keywords as a major factor.

Malika writes that calling the latest algorithms of search engines ‘sophisticated’ is an insult to the word ‘sophisticated’. She writes that the latest algorithms of the major search engines should rather be referred to as more dictatorial than ever before.

SEO and IM Expert has been funding his sister’s business endeavors with the Poker money but hasn’t told her about it

Quieu Flow from Makassar, Indonesia, is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert who claims on his blog that the intellectuals have the hardest time trying to rank a website and a full-time SEO expert. He believes that SEO is right the opposite of intellectualism, it is mostly about the instinct, that’s the biggest reason why Africa, especially Nigeria has some of the biggest SEO Kingpins that won’t come out in the limelight.

Quieu claims that the Black Hat SEO is still alive and well, just the tricks have changed. He adds that several top ranking websites use nothing but black hat SEO.

Quieu has been working on creating a website analyzer like never seen before. He writes that it will definitely feature multiple websites analyzer at once and they will provide free trial as well. He claims that his website analyzer will not be subscription based but rather one-time purchase.

Quieu claims that vegans make better coders/programmers than the vegetarians, carnivorous or omnivorous people. He gives example of his sister, who is an expert coder, responsible for creating hundreds of apps, she has been following a vegan diet for several years now. He claims that many other coders/programmers who started off at the same time as her, have created only 2 apps within this time period while she has created hundreds of those and still counting. Currently, she has been working on creating a combination of Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Quieu has been funding his sister for this endeavor of her with the money he won with daftar judi poker but he hasn’t told her about this and he says that he won’t ever.

Australian SEO Expert uses soccer predictions and betting to help fund him for his big projects

Christophe Charmes is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Sydney, Australia, who claims to have been working on building a web directory so advanced, which he believes will bring back the culture of using web directories over internet search engines back.

Christophe loves to attend global SEO seminars and through the same, he has become familiar with SEO experts from across the globe, including Russia, Ukraine, India, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Norway and Sweden.

Christophe says that the Russians aren’t only great Chess grandmasters, they are also great SEO strategists, the case is also very similar with the Ukrainian SEO experts, he adds. He claims to have learnt more from the Ukrainian and Russian SEO experts than the SEO experts from the rest of the world combined.

Christophe claims on his blog that he knows many lawyers who have turned full-time and part-time SEO experts lately, and they are notorious for using their knowledge of the law to do the unethical acts lately.

Christophe is always working on one big project or another and he says that he doesn’t have to worry about the funds at all since he discovered predictions football and trusted soccer betting websites.

Christophe laughs his ass off on all the so-called SEO experts who claimed in 2016 that the outbound links will become irrelevant by 2019. He adds that such fake news is the proof that some bloggers will write any gibberish just for the sake of filling their blog with new posts.

Christophe gives a free website designed and one-year SEO package free to every 200th client of his. He claims that it doesn’t help improve his revenues or profits in any way, he just does it for the sake of helping and impressing his clients.

Dr John Rechsteiner from Oklahoma City travels to Mumbai, India for different purposes each year

Dr John Rechsteiner is a Dentist from Oklahoma City, who claims that bad breath is more common among the Kosher eaters than anyone else. He further adds that it is hard to talk to someone in Israel and also in many Islamic nations for that very reason. He received so much of hate for stating such a thing, that he had to close the comment section of his blog permanently.

Dr John also claims that the inventors and scientists are more prone to getting oral cancer but they are least likely to suffer with the tooth decay. He claims to have never seen a scientist or an inventor with the problem of tooth decay ever in his life.

If Dr John Rechsteiner didn’t close the comment section on his blog, he would have received tons of hate for stating that the people interested in politics are a lot more likely to have common dental diseases than those who don’t. I am certain that Dr John Rechsteiner would think several times before making such a post if the comment section on his blog weren’t closed.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that tooth decay is more common among the pilots, people who fly a lot, spend a lot of their time on the skyscrapers or live on the top floors of big buildings. He added that the case is far more serious with the current generation of people than it is with the previous generations. In other words, the younger people who live in skyscrapers, are pilots or fly a lot, are more prone to getting tooth decay than the older people.

Dr John Rechsteiner isn’t ashamed to admit that he regularly makes trips to India, where he enjoys different blonde Mumbai escorts each time.

Dr John Rechsteiner claims that the gadgets are extremely bad for the tooth decay, especially, the Power Banks. He claims that roughly as much as 50% of the employees who work for a Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, suffer with tooth decay, including the employees working at the Duracell.