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Olga Kiyan from Alberta, Canada, is an Author, SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert who recently completed writing her first book ever. The book is not related to the internet marketing, website designing or making money online, but rather it is about one of the scantiest leftover religions – Mandaeism. Olga named her book – ‘Mandaeans the Real Aryans’.

I read the book and it was literally one of the most interesting reads ever. In her book Olga claims that the Mandaeans used to circumcise their sons on 8th day after his birth but they stopped doing it as an act of rebellion against the Muslims after the Muslims killed many Mandaean men once in the Persian Province of Khuzistan and took away Mandaean women with force along with them.

Olga claims in her book that the Islamic Caliph – Harun aka Al Rashid wanted to kill all the Mandaeans but dared not after he saw some Mandaean scholars perform great magical acts; Acts that were as interesting as winning money with casino online.

Olga believes that Mandaeans are Aryans by race and Hitler knew this well and sent them an offer that he wanted to recruit them in his army but not a single Mandaean joined Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Army. She adds that Hitler was infuriated by it and wanted to take a revenge on them for this but couldn’t find the time to.

Olga doubts that the Mandaeans are the descendants of the Samson and Canaanite women but it is a pity that the Mandaeans themselves, the Canaanites, the Muslims or the Canaanites will never take this doubt of her even into consideration.

Frank King Charlemagne would bet all day long using Football Predictor 2 if he were born in the Internet era – Farida Bokhari

Farida Bokhari from Tehran, Iran is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of arguably the father of the Europe and one of the most infamous kings of the Franks – Charlemagne.

Farida claims in her book that it is false that Charlemagne was born before the Canonical marriage of his parents – Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon. Farida claims that Charlemagne was a twin brother of Carloman I and they both were born after their parents’ canonical marriage.

Farida claims that Charlemagne poisoned his twin brother – Carloman I in order to become the sole ruler of Franks.

Farida claims that Charlemagne wanted to turn entire global population into Roman Catholics but it is a shame that he couldn’t even remember the names of the countries that he wanted to turn into Roman Catholics.

Farida writes in her book that Carolingian Renaissance should be renamed to ‘Carolingian Destruction’ because that’s what it was in reality. She writes that it is wrongly attributed that the Carolingian era was an era of energetic cultural and intellectual activity, it was rather a period of violence, ruthless expansion and hatred.

Farida claims in her book that Charlemagne invited Jews to settle down in his kingdom, not because he felt for them and wanted to help them, but because he feared the Jewish brilliance and he didn’t want the Jews to be on Muslim’s side for that very reason.

Farida believes that Charlemagne was born in the city of Quierzy and it is a pity that he hated his own birthplace.

Farida claims that Charlemagne supposedly suffered with Manic-Depressive Disorder. The evidence Farida gives for this belief of hers is that Charlemagne took all the major decisions and actions during the winters and in the summers he was like non-existent. She claims that Charlemagne would spend all the time sleeping with his concubines and wives during the summers. She believes that he would rather spend all the summers betting on football betting websites using football predictor 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2-) if he were born during this era.