Internet Marketer from Chiang Mai believes Fun88 gambling needs to be in every language

Malika Buranakiatisak from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Designing expert who writes that a blog styled homepage is never appreciated by the search engines. She writes that’s the very reason all the old school SEO experts are against creating websites using WordPress because 99% of the WordPress websites have a blog page as the default homepage. She believes that fun888 is the perfect example of what she has been trying to convey. She also regularly bets on fun88.

Malika writes that a total of 300 characters in all the meta keywords combined is considered safe but going beyond that is not.

Malika writes that some so-called SEO experts have been spreading the rumor that filling up the Meta keyword portion of your website has more negatives than positives and it is best to refrain from filling it up. She writes that anybody giving you such information cannot be trusted and needs to be boycotted. She also suggests to tell your friends in the SEO industry to stay away from such people.

Malika writes that the meta keywords still matter but not as much as they once used to. She claims that once the greatest and now one of the major search engines – Yahoo! still considers Meta Keywords as a major factor.

Malika writes that calling the latest algorithms of search engines ‘sophisticated’ is an insult to the word ‘sophisticated’. She writes that the latest algorithms of the major search engines should rather be referred to as more dictatorial than ever before.

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